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Three-Sphinx Fruit Basket

Cette corbeille évoque le style Thomire avec lequel Odiot et son équipe ont travaillé. Des pièces similaires en argent massif ont été réalisées pour le tsar Alexandre Ier en 1814.

  • Type Sterling silver
  • Finishes
    • Silver gilt
    • Gold plated bronze
  • Dimensions 9 kg – 30 cm (L) × 55 cm (h)
  • Collection Masterpieces
  • Reference 17285315D
Corbeille aux trois sphynges

With its lion body, the Sphinx has its origins in Ancient Egypt. It is often endowed with a female head and wings, to reinforce its fantastic dimension. This motif reappeared in 1798, following Bonaparte’s trip to Egypt.

coupe sphynges template

This basket, used for the presentation of various dishes, also participates in the decoration of the table, offering splendor and wonderment to guests.

Corbeille aux  Sphynges Prestige Odiot

The Three-Sphinx Fruit Basket is an exceptional piece that requires more than 110 hours of work. It perfectly symbolizes the know-how of our goldsmiths.

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