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Branicki bowl

In the purest classic taste, this bowl was made at the request of the great Polish family Branicki.

  • Type Sterling silver
  • Finishes
    • Sterling Silver
    • Silver gilt
  • Dimensions 1.7 kg – 30 cm (L) × 24 cm (h)
  • Collection Masterpieces
  • Reference 17305223
coupe branicki zoom

The bottom of this masterpiece is adorned with two Cupids, which represent in Greco-Roman mythology, the son of Venus. Cupid is generally represented with a naked and chubby child.

This bowl, used for the presentation of desserts, participates in the decoration of the table, by offering splendor and wonderment to guests.

The Branicki bowl, by requiring more than 40 hours of work, symbolizes the remarkable know-how of our goldsmiths.

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