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Biennais Lamp

Originally created by Biennais for Napoleon, King Louis XVIII later asked for a change to be made to this lamp: that the symbols of the Empire be replaced by those of the Monarchy.

  • Type Sterling silver
  • Finishes
    • Silver gilt
  • Dimensions 8 kg – 44 cm (L) × 96 cm (h)
  • Collection Masterpieces
  • Reference 17450020V
lampe biennais zoom

The bottom of this lamp is composed of a tripod, decorated with lion claws. The lampshade is bordered by a fine frieze, enriched with eighteen loves supporting alternately necklaces of the order of the Holy Spirit and the order of Saint Michael, and surmounted by a double L and the royal crown.

Two copies are still on the desk of the President of the Republic, at the Elysée Palace.

This piece, emblematic of the Maison Odiot, requires more than 150 hours of work and symbolizes the exceptional know-how of our goldsmiths.

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